• Academic department: Chmutina Elena Vladislavovna
  • Expert-consultative department (e-mail):
  • Accounts department: Palchikova Vera Klementievna
  • Information and technical support: Ivanov Grigory Alexandrovich
Phone number (PBX): +7(495) 980-29-35 
Phone number/fax:  +7(495) 698-42-09, +7(495)698-27-76 
Address: 109074, Moscow, Slavyanskaya Square, Building 4, building 1, Entrance 4, room 103
Please use the courtyard entrance, entrance 4, room 103 (obligatory for correspondence)
Directions to the station. metro Kitay-gorod, exit to the Slavic square.


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In this paper, which was attended by more than 500 experts from 59 regions of the country